Of course, they are the very best breed of horse on earth, but then again, we may be biased.


Friesian Horses originated from the Netherlands and were used as war horses by knights in the 11th Century. Their size and strength meant they could happily carry an armored man during a fight, and their calm manner ensured their stability on the battlefield. During this time special riding schools were opened to teach soldiers and their horses moves that could be employed on the battlefield and which are now used in dressage tests around the world.


Most Friesians are agile and graceful for their size…George may be the exception. With the advent of lighter armor and more modern fighting techniques, Friesians were removed from the battlefield and began a new era as a carriage horse. They have a lovely smooth trot and because they are so showy with their magnificent manes and tails and high head carriage, they are still used in the show world for this purpose today.


There is a registry for Friesian horses which dictates what makes a purebred Friesian. We’re not sure about George’s parentage, but he seems to mark all the boxes being pure black, of a certain minimum height, with feathers on his hooves….basically he has furry feet and legs. He’s going a little grey now, but then so do all who age gracefully.


More information about Friesian horses can be found on the Friesian Horse Society of South Africa website : http://fpssa.co.za/

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