These books were written with 0-8 year olds in mind, but my 9 year old is still enthralled by the rhyming. They are meant to give parents tired of reading the same drivel every day a break with something different. There are activities to do with your child at the back of each book to keep you awake as you read it for (hopefully) the 50th time and with any luck, your child will learn the rhyme and be able to “read” the books to themselves as you catch a quick nap in the reading chair, or pause to sip your wine.

George was a horse, who lived on a farm, with a little white pony friend.
There was not much to eat, no shelter from sleet, just a great big, round, muddy pen ...
Join Gorgeous George, the Friesian horse, on his very first adventure.

In his second adventure, George searches to find that one special human to be his forever person.

After all, all horses should be loved unconditionally by one person at some stage in their lives.

George is scared ... of pretty much everything.

Join him on his latest adventure, where he finds the courage to be brave - with exciting surprises!

A storm is coming and George is starting to panic....will he survive...and what kind of storm is this anyway...?


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